Akamai Edge Conference 2016

Digital Media Track & Industry Forum

Edge 2015 Breakout Session

The Digital Media track & Industry Forum at Edge 2015 explored best practices for delivering high quality video at scale. Video presentations are available to view below, and presentation decks can be accessed in the Akamai Community.

Edge 2015 Session - Measuring Quality and Its Impact to Your Bottom Line

Hear from European-based Media & Entertainment leader, Wuaki.tv, on how they set out to establish a quality metric to measure the quality of their OTT service, with a goal to directly link quality improvements to both customer satisfaction and revenue.

Jordi Miró Bruix, CTO, Wuaki.tv

Edge 2015 Session - Evolution of Broadband Media

Hear how Akamai is applying the latest technology innovations to deliver the highest quality video experiences in the industry, supercharging content offerings, and helping customers extract more revenue from their online media businesses globally.

Scott Brown, VP of Product Management (Medial Acceleration Technologies), Akamai

Edge 2015 Session - ITV: Pre-Game Event Planning

ITV, the UK's independent broadcaster, shares their experiences of delivering media streaming content during large scale Live Events. Listen to the journey ITV has been on in improving the quality of experience from the Football World Cup 2014 to Rugby World Cup 2015.

Munir Patel, Service Delivery Manager of Online Broadcast Operations, ITV

Edge 2015 Session - Playback Across Devices

Optimizing your media playback for OTT isn’t simple. From this video, you’ll get a better understanding of the near term future of players, codecs and formats, and areas of convergence will be explored to help you navigate the player landscape for the next two years and beyond.

Will Law, Chief Architect, Media Cloud Engineering, Akamai
Frank Paolino, Director Service Delivery, Akamai

The Power of Live

In a market where the race to win over viewers is more competitive than ever, ensuring high quality programming that’s equivalent or better than what your audience can experience from their living room is critical. Learn how leading sports broadcaster, NBC Sports, is able to achieve online success when the world was watching!

Eric Black, CTO Digital, NBC Sports

Edge 2015 Session - Ingredients for Online Success

Hear how esports broadcaster Azubu is able to serve a huge, passionate global audience in an ever-changing game streaming landscape; Autodesk, a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, is also on hand to describe recent enhancements made to their overall download strategy in an effort to increase download adoption, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Nelson Rodriguez,
Senior Industry Marketing Manager, Akamai
Reed Anderson, CTO, Azubu
Freddy Avendano, Manager, Digital Fulfillment, Autodesk 

Edge 2015 Session - Scenes from the Revolution: Trends in OTT

From OTT's impact on traditional TV to the prospects for the Skinny Bundle, IDC's OTT expert, Greg Ireland, shares the latest insights from his research and observations of an industry in the midst of massive upheaval.

Greg Ireland, Research Director, Multiscreen Video, IDC

Edge 2015 Session - Delivering Linear: Sling TV

Hear Ben Weinberger, Chief Product Officer at Sling TV, discuss how he built the pioneering service, the challenges he and his team had to overcome from both a technology and business perspective, and his take on the future of television.

Ben Weinberger, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Sling TV

Edge 2015 Session - Navigating the OTT Landscape

John Bishop, Akamai’s Media CTO, explores the reasons behind the shift away from traditional TV viewing and provides key OTT considerations to help guide your strategy. Expect to learn how OTT is defined today, what is it lacking, and where opportunities exist.

Corey Halverson, Senior Product Line Director, Media Publishing & Analytics, Akamai
John Bishop, VP & CTO, Media Business Unit, Akamai
Michael Fay, VP, Media Product Management, Akamai

Edge 2015 Session - Microsoft Goes Over the Top With New Xbox OTT Live Linear Content

Hear directly from Corey Smith, principal engineer at Xbox Live, discuss the company’s new OTT live linear service platform and how they use their premium content to draw in audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Corey Smith, Senior Services Engineering Manager, Broadcast Solutions Team, Xbox Live

Edge 2015 Session - Media Services – Solving the Live and On Demand Workflow Puzzle

Hear from Corey Halverson, Senior Product Line Director at Akamai, discuss industry observations and best practices in the video workflow process, paying close attention to aspects of reliability, scale and performance.

Corey Halverson
, Senior Product Line Director, Media Publishing & Analytics, Akamai

Edge 2015 Session - Infinite Possibilities: Accelerating Media to Improve Quality of Experience with DINGIT.TV

Learn how UK-based Direct-to-Consumer streaming service provider, DINGIT.TV, was able to integrate Akamai’s advanced media acceleration technologies (Octoshape) at ingest and distribution to improve quality and attract hundreds and thousands of daily viewers.

Justin Fielder, Chief Scientist Officer, DINGIT.TV

Edge 2015 Session - Best Practices for Planning and Delivering High Quality Live Events with Turner Broadcasting

With live events, every second counts. Tune in to hear how digital media leader, Turner Broadcasting, delivers a quality experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Jim Ewaskiew, Senior Director, Digital Content Distribution, Turner Broadcasting
Anil Jain, SVP & GM, Media, Brightcove