Akamai Edge Conference Ways To Learn

Akamai University Training (Workshops)

Oct. 9-10

Pre-Conference Akamai University sessions target the nuts and bolts of using the Akamai platform across solutions for faster sites, better reporting, image management, and much more. A must-attend for all Akamai administrators, these two-day programs now offer beginner and advanced level learning classes. (Good to know: Akamai Premium Support customers receive unlimited AU seats and two complimentary Edge conference passes!)

Introduction to mPulse – Akamai U

This introductory mPulse course is divided into sections. Tag Management focuses specifically on items related to configuring the mPulse snippet (tag). Administration covers Tenant, Account, and mPulse Domain configuration. In Data Analysis, we cover highlights of analysis using mPulse. Methodology is a standalone section describing how a company should use and configure mPulse. We wrap up with sections on dashboard creation, alerts, and reports.

Web Performance Solutions – Akamai U

The Akamai Web Performance Solutions Training for Akamai University is designed to familiarize you with the Akamai Web Performance Solutions portfolio and its key capabilities. It offers a deep-dive into the features of the Akamai Intelligent Platform that enable those capabilities through a combination of learning interventions such as conceptual discussions, hands-on lab exercises, facilitator-led demonstrations, and group-based activities.
At the end of the class you will be able to:

  • Describe the Akamai Web Performance Solutions portfolio.
  • Describe the underlying technology and features on the Akamai Intelligent Platform.
  • Navigate effectively through Luna Control Center.
  • Configure and maintain Akamai Web Performance products according to your requirement.

Advanced Web Performance – Akamai U

We have collected web specialists from across the company to do deep dives on their various specialties. These roughly two hour session will have both lecture as well as practical components. Some will be demos and some will be hands on. The topics we currently have lined up are:

  • Secure Delivery
  • Advanced Caching
  • Image Manager
  • Cloudlets
  • {OPEN} APIs
  • Best Practices

Kona Site Defender Configure and Maintain – Akamai U

This class is a “from Zero to Hero” course that focuses on teaching everything needed to set up and maintain Kona Site Defender (KSD). The course starts with setting up a basic KSD configuration with default best practices. Then, it progresses to the concepts involved in analyzing and tuning the configuration in order to maintain it. The participants of this course learn how to protect both APIs as well as web applications.

All key topics include theory complemented with an appropriate hands-on component (eg: group activity or lab). The course also highlights often-encountered use cases for maximum impact.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of the Akamai Intelligent Platform.
  • Explain the basics of Web Application Security.
  • Describe the features of Kona Site Defender.
  • Configure and activate KSD.
  • Test the KSD configuration for APIs and web applications.
  • Analyze the behavior of the configuration using reporting tools.
  • Tune KSD in accordance with the results of the analysis.

Bot Manager – Akamai U

This course will cover the current threat landscape, attacker motivations, and technical mitigation strategies for automated non-human attacks. These range from a single host running command line scripts to distributed botnets actively trying to appear as legitimate clients.

Attack types covered will range from basic page/price scraping to more advanced credential stuffing attacks. Highlighted will be some of the newer advanced actions within Bot Manager, which include obfuscation of the response to the attacker that they are being mitigated.

After completing this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Provide an overview of the Akamai Cloud Security Solutions portfolio
  • Identify the top bot use cases Akamai customers encounter
  • Describe in technical detail each Bot Manager detection category
  • Describe and configure Bot Manager detection categories appropriate for each use case using Luna
  • Describe and Configure Bot Manager actions appropriate for each use case using Luna
  • Describe in detail how Bot Manager 2.0 Premier and Bot Manager Standard products can mitigate bot attacks
  • Using Luna Control Center, Prepare and deploy a Bot Manager configuration to mitigate bot attacks

Media Delivery Solutions - Akamai U

The Akamai University course for Akamai Media Delivery Solutions is designed to familiarize participants with the Akamai Media Delivery Solutions portfolio in an OTT workflow. It provides hands on walkthroughs of the provisioning workflows for Media Services Live, Media Services On Demand Content Preparation with Transcoding, and Adaptive Media Delivery using the Luna Control Center. It also provides an overview of Media Analytics and common Troubleshooting guidelines for Stream Delivery. This course includes hands-on labs for Content Preparation, MPEG-DASH Streaming, and the Secure HD Policy Editor.

Combine Akamai U with your Edge conference pass to maximize your Akamai investment!