Akamai Edge Conference 2016

Akamai Solution Kiosks & Experiences

Oct 11-13

In the Edge Expo/Partner Pavilion you will meet with experts, find the solutions you are looking for while having plenty of engaging experiences.

Solution Kiosks

Web and Mobile Performance

The competition to command a mobile audience’s attention is fiercer than ever. Akamai mobile offerings span security, mobile web, and mobile apps, employing image, application and network optimizations. Stop by the kiosk to see first-hand how Akamai can help you meet the challenge of your on-the-go audiences.


A slow performing website can cost millions in lost revenue. mPulse real-time performance monitoring tools provide detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and correlates them directly to business metrics such as conversions, page views, and revenue.

API Security

APIs are the new language of the Internet and you need to accelerate and protect your APIs to grow your business in this new world. Visit us to see learn how you can apply both positive and negative security models to protect APIs

Secure App Access & Malware Protection

Digital transformation has significant implications for an enterprise's attack surface and network and security architectures. Businesses need to leverage a cloud perimeter and lead with a zero trust security model. Stop by the Cloud Perimeter kiosk to learn how Akamai can help with your IT & Security transformation.

Media Delivery

When delivering high quality video experiences is no longer a "nice to have", but "mission critical", Akamai can help exceed your viewer expectations with our solutions for live, linear, and on demand video. Swing by the Akamai Media Delivery kiosk to talk to our product experts and learn more! Also be sure to check out our Customer Spotlights.

Internet of Things

The Akamai Intelligent Platform distributes software to IoT-connected vehicles, devices and machinery across the globe. Learn about OTA Updates, Akamai’s new product for auto manufacturers to support their connected vehicle applications and updates.

Services and Support

In a fast-moving digital world, businesses have to rapidly adapt to meet user expectations and stay competitive. Stop by the GSS kiosk to learn how Akamai’s people, processes, and best-in-class facilities enable customers to adapt to rapidly meet user expectations, stay competitive, and stay ahead of the latest security threats.

Credential Abuse

Learn more about how Akamai can help you address the persistent problem of credential abuse or credential stuffing attacks against your login pages.

Solution Experiences

Security Operations Command Center

Akamai’s Global Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) supports the largest security infrastructure in the world. Staffed by over 150 Security Experts, holding more than 255 industry certifications, the Akamai Global SOCC has successfully mitigated some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated attacks. Operating in 5 locations around the world, the Global SOCC keeps Akamai customers protected 24x7x365.

Broadcast Operations Control Center

The award-winning Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC) is an end-to-end video workflow monitoring and mitigation solution. The BOCC is staffed 24 hours a day by experts to bring together best practices from online video streaming, network operations and television broadcasting for faster mitigation to maintain consistent quality streaming.

Media Innovation Zone

Akamai's Media Innovation Zone explores the latest innovations in the media industry like Virtual Reality, synchronized, interactive and ultra-low latency experiences. Innovations around high dynamic range and 3D audio quality, as well as OTT best practice demos comprising of the latest features that Akamai offers.

Cloudlets Club

What if you could extend application logic to the edge of the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform with easy to use tools that simplify web operations, while improving user experiences? Visit the Cloudlets Club to see how Cloudlets simplify operations, improve experiences and solve key business challenges such as cloud migration and peak traffic management.

The Image Manager Experience

High quality images are effective in driving better engagement, but it has become increasingly difficult to deliver a consistent experience across all devices. Visit the Image Manager Experience to see how you can adapt images automatically for optimal device-specific rendering and accelerate time to market by integrating into existing workflows.

Media Customer Spotlight: IBM Delivering the Best Possible 4K Video Experience with Media Acceleration

Viewers now expect the same or better experience from on-line video as they receive from linear services. Akamai is innovating to deliver that quality regardless of internet congestion, mobile network bandwidth, or even in-home Wi-Fi problems.

Akamai Community

The Akamai Community is where our customers go to get answers to their questions, search our knowledge base, read our research reports, engage with their account teams, and connect with our experts and thought leaders. Stop by and learn how the community can help you support your self-service needs.

Malware Protection

Coming soon!