Akamai Edge Conference 2016

The Expert Bar

Oct 11-13

Akamai’s Expert Bar is once again open for business and serving up answers to all your Akamai and IT questions! Not sure what to ask but want to leave Edge smarter than when you arrived? Be sure to stop by the Bar – we’re happy to find time for you!

Getting Started with Streaming Media

Whether you need guidance incorporating media for your business for the first time or planning your next large streaming event, an Akamai media expert can work with you to understand your requirements and lay out the best path forward. Because delivering a stable and performant media experience can overwhelm even the most seasoned veteran, we're ready to help you sift through the end-to-end workflow and explain how pieces of it integrate with your existing Akamai products and services.

Self-service Troubleshooting with Luna

Do you love our self-service options in Luna, but are currently experiencing an issue? Learn the best troubleshooting methods for various Akamai solutions at the Expert Bar! Our experts will be happy to work with you one-on-one to solve your issue, as well as demonstrate the best methods and tools to use in the future.

Configuring and Tuning Security Settings

An Akamai expert will help you maximize your protection by showing you how to update your policies so they align with current best practices. When scheduling this session, please provide a policy you’d like us to review with you.

Website Assessment in under 30

Do you feel your site needs a little boost or perhaps a review to see if there are some quick fixes to help with performance or offload? Jumping into responsive design or unsure of how best to move to the cloud? Our team of consultants have performed hundreds of site assessments for a wide variety of customers and will be available to lead you through a live assessment of your site. Not only will you be able to take home some valuable insights, but you will be able to see the process and tools that our consultants use to deliver these highly valued engagements.

Instant Media Assessments

While streaming certainly requires a high-performance, optimized CDN, many other factors affect the user experience. Akamai has vast experience consulting end-to-end delivery. Discover how you can put our knowledge to work within your organization as an Akamai customer.

Security WAF False Positive Review

As our customer-facing and organizational applications constantly change with market demands, the protection mechanisms we’ve optimized must also be changed and adapted in concert. In this session, we will show you the tools and workflows to both identify and remedy security event false positives.

KRS Update Review

Akamai’s protection technologies and techniques evolve with the current threat landscape, requiring us to update our detection and upgrading capabilities so we can better defend our customers. This session will walk you through the process of identifying your current protection state and upgrading to the latest version of the KRS protections.

Bot Manager Standard or Premier Solution Fit Review (Which solution is right for me?)

Bots are a growing threat to enterprises. Credential abuse, increased bandwidth/computing costs, and denial of service are just some of the problems bots cause. Connect with an Akamai professional who can evaluate your site for areas prone to bot abuse, and match them with the right Bot Manager version and features to address the threat.

Open API for Configuration Management

Open APIs enable our customers to be more agile as they embark on automation. In the track, you'll learn how to set up APIs and understand the right CLI tools to install to get you started. The key takeaway will be to see the entire workflow of a configuration, from creation to activation through Akamai.

Luna/Property Manager Walk-through

Are you a Luna power user trying to do some fancy configuration work? Are you new to your company and interested in a Luna walkthrough or a refresher? Or do you need help migrating an older configuration to Property Manager? From creating configurations to monitoring traffic to opening technical support requests, Luna is your portal into all of your Akamai services. Stop by with your questions and let our experts help you unlock the power of Luna.

Real-time mPulse Analysis

Using RUM Data to track performance change through releases/multivariate testing. While your organization may have a variety of ways to track performance changes, none of them allow real-time analysis of the effects that full site releases or multivariate tests have on customer experience. This session will walk you through the ways mPulse can be configured to track this data and allow you to make more informed decisions.

Cloudtest Scripting & Analysis

Are you ready? Test your readiness for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, flash sales, financial cycles, or media-driven spikes. We'll deliver one test scenario (30-minute maximum), scripted and executed against your site for up to 5,000 users, and review the analytics with you. You'll discover how CloudTest enables retailers, media outlets, and financial giants to gauge their infrastructure capacity.

Kona Site Defender Features

Need help understanding how to best utilize the latest Kona Site Defender features? Swing by the Expert Bar and we'll walk you through them! Get in-depth explanations of Security Center, Security Monitor, Security Configurations, Match Targets, WAF Policies, and Rate Control Policies — and how they all fit together.