Akamai Edge Conference Session Tracks

Session Tracks

Akamai sessions are immersive experiences presented as panel discussions, lectures or conversations. Sessions are designed to mix/match for an agenda that works best for your specific needs. Running Wednesday through Friday, each day offers topics and speakers that cut through clutter, deliver value, and help you make smart decisions for your business.

View the Session Schedule for an in-depth look at sessions by day, track, and topic.

Track: Delivering Digital Entertainment

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We are at the cusp of a seismic shift in digital entertainment – when online becomes mainstream, when quality surpasses traditional distribution, when broadcasters offer exponentially more choices, and when masses of users become broadcasters. The challenge of delivery has never been greater – from ingest to playback, from monetization to metrics – we’re reworking all of our technologies and workflows to be ready for the change. In this block of sessions we’ll hear from traditional and born-digital broadcasters who are pushing the boundaries of scale, innovation and quality on how they’re rising to the challenge, and from Akamai on the new technologies and solutions that are coming to help. Sessions will tackle topics such as:

  • The future of digital video 
  • Live linear workflow for OTT – what this means to you 
  • UDP Streaming 
  • Streaming VR 
  • Delivering on-demand audio at scale 
  • Delivering to mobile applications 
  • Delivering to the living room 
  • Meeting the Ad-insertion challenge 
  • Defining quality and measuring its impact 
  • Live events/Olympics panel 
  • Trends in game delivery panel

Track: Securing Sites and Applications

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The era of the unexpected Web attack is over. We’ve learned we need to expect the unexpected and stay prepared for ever more sophisticated attacks. At Edge we’ll have the opportunity to learn from each other and from the security intelligence Akamai gathers from across its platform to understand how threats are changing and how companies are successfully responding to them. Expect to learn how companies are using Akamai solutions to improve datacenter security, application security, DDoS defense, bot management, and even endpoint security. Hear from peer companies and Akamai on topics such as:

  • SIRT 2016 Year in Review 
  • Using data to improve your security posture 
  • DDoS Defense Panel 
  • Bot Management 
  • Beyond Web – protecting datacenter and services 
  • Credential Stuffer Strategies 
  • Enterprise Security Offering 
  • API Protection with KSD 
  • Managing security configs with KSD 
  • Integrating with SIEMs

Track: High Performance Web Experiences

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The Web is over 20 years old, but has never been more dynamic. We have new technologies for IP, for HTTP, for SSL. The experience is moving from the desktop to the device, from the browser to the app, and from the screen to the API. In this new era, we must change how we think about impacting the performance of Web experiences. In this track we’ll talk with leading companies on how they’re positively and purposefully impacting performance for their sites, their mobile apps and even APIs using Akamai’s Web performance solutions. Sessions will address topics such as:

  • Changing online habits 
  • Akamai Security Updates: Deep Dive 
  • Image management deep dive 
  • Protect & perform for APIs and Services 
  • Taking advantage of HTTP/2 
  • Mobile app performance 
  • Measurement in the mobile era 
  • Image workflow best practices 
  • Search engine optimization – bots and domains 
  • Delivering applications from the cloud 
  • Managing QOS for the new enterprise

Track: Digital Transformation of Enterprise IT

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Enterprise Digital Transformation is well underway driving IT departments to modernize applications and networks to support a Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile first strategy. In this track you’ll hear from Akamai customers about how they are building network architectures to support hybrid cloud environments and enable seamless application connectivity to enterprise employees, partners, and customers worldwide. By doing so, they’re Improving visibility, control, and security even as the traditional security perimeter is fragmenting to support SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, and IoT initiatives inside the enterprise.

New! Developer Track

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Akamai’s new Developer Track is a new end-to-end developer-focused experience at Edge 2016. Starting with a pre-conference day on Tuesday and running through the conference proper, Akamai’s Developer Track will explore deeply technical topics, with each session designed to give the tools, knowledge and insights they need to build faster and more robust websites and applications. Developers: this is your conference experience. The Developer Track’s program will focus on four stages of programming; and, be accompanied by a Developer Zone to facilitate networking within the conference community, so that devs can speak with their peers about how they are solving the problems of building a faster, more scalable web.

The Developer Track sessions will focus on: 

  1. User-Centric Development: serious talks on the path from development to usability with a focus on APIs, image performance and accessibility. 
  2. Technologist Master Series: these sessions look outside the app to the larger world they are a part of. We’ll address security and performance, understanding cellular networks, web performance standards, developing for challenging geographies, and more. 
  3. Akamai - Under the Hood: Get a better understanding of Akamai’s architecture, how it’s evolving around topics such as HTTP/2, and how to make Akamai work for you. 
  4. Developing for Akamai: These sessions aim to give developers immediately actionable insights for doing more for their web performance with Akamai.

New! Akamai User Track

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Internet technology is changing all the time. This track will help you stay ahead of technology trends and give you practical insight into how to make best use of your Akamai solutions to make your sites fast, reliable and secure. Plus, developers can learn how to code for Akamai and use our {OPEN} APIs to control their Akamai configuration. 

Past topics have included property manager configuration, WAF tuning best practices, delivering content to China, HTTP/2 Update, {OPEN} APIs, TLS evolution, and understanding proxy browsers. Stay tuned for this year’s session list to be announced in August.