Akamai Edge Conference Ways To Learn

Ways to Learn

You have total control of your Edge learning opportunities! Mix and match throughout the week for a customized experience that works for your needs, your goals and your schedule.


Akamai University Training (Workshops): Oct. 9-10

Pre-Conference Akamai University sessions target the nuts and bolts of using the Akamai platform across solutions for faster sites, better reporting, image management, and much more. A must-attend for all Akamai administrators, these full-day programs now offer beginner and advanced level learning classes. (Good to know: Akamai Premium Support customers receive unlimited AU seats and two complimentary Edge conference passes!)

Courses offered on-site at EDGE 2017:

  • Introduction to mPulse - Akamai U
  • Web Performance Solutions
  • Kona Site Defender Configure and Maintain
  • Media Delivery Solutions
  • Advanced Web Performance Deep Dives (various)
  • Bot Manager

Edge Ways to Learn: Oct. 11-13

EDGE Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions and industry forums put attendees in front of the most knowledgeable, experienced and fascinating innovators in the worldwide Akamai network. That means sessions not just about how to use Akamai to further enhance your online business, but about relevant topics from other business and IT leaders who live your business every day. Over 100 sessions are totally customized for business leaders, IT leaders, security leaders, developers and systems admins. Topics will cover:

  • Cloud & Digital Transformation
  • Global Expansion
  • Audience Acquisition & Retention
  • Mobile & APIs
  • Engaging Experiences (Images & Video)
  • Exceptional Viewer Experiences
  • Security (Cloud & Enterprise)
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • OTT
  • Workflow Simplification
  • DevOps
  • Use Akamai Better!

Roundtables & Meet Ups

Roundtables and meet-ups will address both business trends and job challenges in an intimate environment allowing for more targeted conversations specific to you, facilitated by Akamai and your peers!

Hands-On Trainings

Visit the Hands-On Self Paced Training corner in the Developer Lounge to go DEEP with Akamai APIs and SDKs. Make real-time upgrades to your system and build APIs alongside an Akamai expert. Stay tuned for available modules.

Industry Forums

Sit side-by-side with your industry peers to talk about what’s going on in your industry. Forums are in the works for: Financial Services, Commerce, Gaming and High Tech Industries

Expert Bar Appointments

Need a little extra support for burning questions? Belly on up to the EDGE Expert Bar and make an appointment with one of our specialists on duty!