Akamai Edge Conference Why Attend

Why Attend Edge?

Whether you are new to Akamai or an old pro, Edge is a can’t-miss event that puts you face-to-face with 2,500 peers and experts (that means thousands of new ideas, new ways to improve your online business, and new connections).

Access to the Best

Access to the Best of the Best

2,500+ attendees from best-in-brand online businesses across the globe. Business leaders, IT leaders, Akamai Administrators, Developers…EDGE attendees are the best at what they do – connect with them in Las Vegas

Relevant Topics

Customized Content

All the relevant topics you need addressed for today’s toughest online business challenges. And all the right experts at EDGE to go deep to address what’s most important to your business or job, right now.

Maximize Investment

Maximize your Akamai Investment

Meet the brains behind your Akamai solutions – share your story and explore how together we can make your sites even faster, ensure they’re more secured and that you’re utilizing your Akamai investment to its fullest potential!

Who Attends

EDGE is a can’t-miss, once-a-year event that puts you face-to-face with more than 2,500 peers and experts - which means that EDGE generates thousands of new ideas - new ways to improve your online business, and new connections for everyone involved. The attendees that come typically wear multiple hats and are part of the larger tech decision-making team. Here’s how they identify themselves:

  • Business Leaders
    Come to understand the potential of their online business, and how others are innovating for growth. They talk to their peers across industries - in media, gaming, financial services, retail, travel and SaaS.

  • IT Leaders
    Come to go deep into the Akamai roadmap and address technology challenges – current and future - with Akamai and peers.

  • Akamai Administrators
    Come to learn from the experts how to take best advantage of Akamai’s solutions through training, sessions, deep dives and one-on-ones.

  • Developers
    Attend to get hands-on with the Akamai suite of APIs and SDKs – at EDGE they can play with the technology and deep-dive with experts

The Value of Attending

Attendees see value in attending - in fact, nearly 40% of attendee return year over year!

  • EDGE helps you know which trends to watch, which to act on, and which to let pass on by
  • Establish new business models pioneered and tested by other Akamai customers to expand online operations and boost revenue
  • Hone your team’s technical skills by gaining expertise from in-depth technical presentations delivered by Akamai experts, industry innovators, and trendsetters
  • Learn to use Akamai API’s like a pro
  • Maximize the value of your existing Akamai solutions; stay competitive and differentiated within your industry
  • Troubleshoot directly with Akamai team members-including engineers, system integrators, and product mangers - to overcome your IT and business challenges
  • Save money! Attendees have told us they didn’t realize that with Akamai they didn’t need some of their other vendors and canceled those contracts after EDGE. EDGE helped them realize the full scope of what Akamai offers
  • Learn tips that will increase your team’s overall productivity
  • Network with peers from top global brands like FedEx, Bank of America, Fox News, H&M, and hundreds of others
  • Discover new revenue opportunities that leverage a high-performance cloud-based infrastructure and keep pace with the changing device landscape
  • Experience the latest technology offerings in our Akamai In-depth kiosks led by members of the Akamai Professional Services team
  • Train with Akamai experts and take advantage of pre-conference, hands-on Akamai University training courses
  • Connect and gain insight into the Akamai partner ecosystem through hands-on demonstrations by more than 30 technical and strategic partners whose solutions integrate with the Akamai Intelligent Platform
  • Learn the latest industry compliance standards and best practices
  • And so much more

Attendees <3 Edge

We think Edge is the most relevant, fun and productive event you will attend all year regarding the internet behind your business. But we’re not the only ones that think so! 96% of last year’s attendees told us they would recommend EDGE to a colleague…read on for what attendees have said in post-event surveys:

“Getting to know the people behind the products is so helpful. The sessions allow you to see how others are using Akamai’s services. The LABs allow you to find new ways to use existing services and best practices. Ahead of time I had no idea what to expect as to what I could return home with and share with my coworkers and I was amazed at what I was able to come back with, I don’t think I’ve stopped talking about new ways to use existing and new services!”

“Edge is the most valuable investment you will make towards your journey with Akamai!”

“I learned that we’re currently spending $25,000 on a SPA rendering application from another third party we no longer require.”

“I’m very grateful to our Akamai account manager for fulfilling our requests on direct meetings we had with specific Akamai experts along with members of our core team. It always makes the difference in justifying budget for travel for an in-person event!”

“I would recommend to come to Akamai University since you can save a lot of professional service hours, learn from the experts and talk with other Akamai customers about best practices”

“Edge is like a boot camp for Akamai users where you can learn the ropes quickly and enjoy the benefits of the community.”

“If you think your website with Akamai is fast now, wait until the experts at Edge show you how much faster it can be!”

“I loved the keynote about the development and regulations around the world to address security threats, and what that will mean for us trying to deliver our web applications and storing customer data from these countries.”

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