Akamai Edge Conference Customer Testimonials

Attendee Testimonials

We think Edge is spot-on the most relevant, fun and productive event you will attend all year regarding the internet behind your business. But we’re not the only ones that think so…read what attendees have said in post-event surveys:

“Edge exposes one to industry standards, best practices, and learning from one another.”

“The sessions were great…the customer appreciation party was epic!”

“Having direct access to SMEs and to be able to have a hands-on experience was invaluable.”

“Akamai is a big company with a lot of products and they’re not good at describing them. Edge helps you understand.”

“Edge has all the right people to talk to in the same place and at the same time – and they are all willing to talk!”

“Edge is the best IT/Internet conference currently. Akamai knows what’s the future and is developing products that will make your company successful.”

“If you line up all your questions before attending (commercial/technical/business…) you will return with all questions answered. All specialists of all branches are there and can be contacted directly.”

“I went as a speaker, but the value of the networking with peers and Akamai experts was invaluable.”

“You will get to talk to customers and realize how important Akamai is to businesses of various domain. You’ll also get honest recommendations/criticism from other Akamai customers on products/services.”

“Edge is really a HUGE information exchange and provides the ability to see things in a wider context.”

“I regularly attend edge for networking, global perspective and worldwide trends.”

“The expert bar and the partner pavilion was a great surprise but for sure the networking I achieved was definitely something to be supported. I wish I could have twice the time and the opportunities to work the networking side of the event!”

“We have more knowledge of how to utilize our current solutions, knowledge about other Akamai options that we do not have yet, and keeping up with industry trends.

“My favorite moment was walking into the Akamai Solutions Kiosk area with an issue around managing HTTP2.0 and caching and within minutes I was in discussion with the Lead Architect of Service!”

“Edge helped me in my daily business. There are more features I know now that I will use soon. My favorite moment was the direct talk to the Akamai product managers and the trainers.”

“The roadmap presentations were great. Our account manager introduced us to Akamai employees in the right position to answer our questions and that was invaluable.”

“This EDGE was different in that I was fire-fighting while there. It happened to be around Akamai and so having all the experts on-hand was excellent.”

“Edge is a phenomenal conference…a useful forum where many industries can share ideas with people who are at the leading edge of the Internet and Web journey.”

“Edge is still an inspiring moment, which I can use for my long term vision. My favorite moment is the inspiring speakers and the innovation that Akamai still brings. Every year I'm curious about the innovation that Akamai will bring and I'm still surprised!”

“From the last Edge to this conference, it's clear to see that Akamai is really concerned about listening to what its customers are saying and trying to design things to solve the problems we see on a daily basis.”

“Attending Edge helped me to learn about the outstanding services of Akamai, services unknown to me until seeing them at Edge.”

“My favorite moment was when I got to meet Tom Leighton at the Ping Pong Social which was awesome!”